Sports Massage Therapist in Pimlico, London

Specialising in Relaxation, Thai, Sports / Deep Tissue Massages and Reiki Healing


A Natural Way to Heal

I am a GTI (Guilt Training International) and IAHT (International Association of Holistic Therapists)
accredited Massage Therapist, naturopath and Reiki Master.

By tradition of my Greek origins and Eastern Tibetan studies, I am a firm believer in the holistic approach
to an optimal mind- body- spirit health. All three must be in working order so that a free flow of energy is achieved.

Through my practice I work hard to enhance or re-establish this flow so that the physical, mental, spiritual balance coordinate to promote your wellness.


Main Benefits of Massages

Boost Mental Health
One of the most notable benefits of massages is that it improves overall well-being, especially mental health. Many studies have demonstrated it has been instrumental at reducing anxiety, stress and depression, according to a 2005 study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience.
Boosts the immune system
Many studies have linked massages to improve the overall functioning of the immune system, by increasing white blood cells, which fights off disease, according to a study carried out in 2010.
Reduced inflammation
Massage therapy can gently reduce stiffness after exercise, there is a reason why professional athletes have a deep tissue massages built into their overall training regime. Just a 10-minute massage can help your body recover quicker!
Improves Sleep
Even the worst sleepers in the World can benefit from a relaxation massage. Studies have accredited it to the spa treatments effect on the Delta wave, associated with deep sleep. So, if you have had a stressful week at work or feel stressed and anxious in general try one of our relaxation massages, we can help alleviate your stress and help contribute to you getting a good night’s sleep!​

Whatever massage treatment you are looking for, you are have come to the right place.
I am an accredited massage therapist. You are in good hands. I am based in Pimlico, located a short distance from Pimlico station station.
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